King's Cup Drinking Game

We have the best collection of King's Cup Drinking Game rules online. We painstakingly browsed Reddit (as well as created a few rules of our own.) Our games are randomized for a truely unique King's Cup experience.

King's Cup Drinking Game

This does not replace the cards or any element of the game you love! Use this site to keep track of the rules you want to use. You'll still need cards and everything else.

We offer several modes and rule sets for the King's Cup drinking game. From our take on sociables, to the unique twist on King's Cup - King's Quest. We have over 150 rules for our King's Cup drinking game, so go nuts and try it out! If you like to mix it up, you're going to love this!

BrewStorm Kings Cup Variants

We have a couple variants of the King's cup drinking game we like. If you don't know where to start - Sociables is probably your best bet.

Classic Kings

  • Classic King's Cup
  • No rule restrictions - all random minus the King.
  • Game is over once fourth King is pulled.
Play King's Cup


  • Play this if you're new!
  • High intensity rules have been removed.
  • Great casual experience!
Play Sociables

Quick Kings

  • Play this if you need to be somewhere soon!
  • Rules that aren't quick have been removed.
  • Not recommended for beginners.
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King's Quest

  • Our personal twist on the King's Cup drinking game.
  • Game ends when every card is drawn!
  • Not recommended for beginners.
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