King's Cup King's Quest

King's Quest drinking game. Our personal take on the game. Every card is unique. No swapping cards.

The King's Quest Is Complete


Tired Knight

People pour into the streets as you return to a hero's welcome. Your acts of bravery and valor bring glory to the King's Court. At the banquet held in your names - you drink from the King's Cup, the highest honour in the kingdom. Your houses will forever be remembered for the deeds you performed. Children will dance and sing songs of your victory for ages to come. Your muscles are tired and your bones ache. Rest now, tired soldier; you have met your quest's end.


Welcome to King's Quest!

Your Quest begins here! Once you complete a card, tap/click on it then tap/click the complete button. We will measure your quest's progress and update it below. Bring glory to the Kingdom!


Tap or click on a rule to have the explanation pop-up. If you don't understand the rule - make some shit up. It's your life.